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The World’s Costliest Coffee

Barely a week goes by in which I don’t learn of yet another crazy, unexpected way in which human beings use animals of other species.

Check out this picture of an Asian Palm Civet:

You know what some people in Sumatra do?  They capture these cat-sized creatures, put them in cages, and farm them.  And why?  Well, although some there like to kill the civets and eat them, the reason for the farming is this:  they feed the civets a certain kind of coffee bean, which the civets partly digest and then excrete in their stools—and then the people collect the droppings and sell the digested coffee to drinkers in other countries at hundreds of dollars per pound.

The picture above accompanies “From Dung to Coffee Brew with No Aftertaste”, which reports that people have been encroaching on the civets' habitat for years and now buy and sell them for hundreds of dollars.