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When Pigs Stress Out” has more on the mess that is farming animals to eat them.

‘Animal, Vegetable, Miserable’: Part 1

Last November 21,  The New York Times published an opinion piece by Gary Steiner, “Animal, Vegetable, Miserable”.  Go read it.

More about that piece will follow in coming entries.

Vegan Men

The Boston Globe’s recent “Men Leave Their Own Mark on Veganism” is worth a read.
Check out ABC’s “Research Monkey Deaths Prompt Calls for Crackdown” and then email Tom Vilsack, the Secretary of Agriculture, at AgSec@usda.gov, asking him to work to end all primate experimentation, and other animal experimentation, in the near future.

Cats, Rabbits, and Criticism

Earlier this month, The New York Times ran an article, “Don’t Tell the Kids” about the place of killed rabbits in American cuisine and a movement among urbanites and suburbanites to keep rabbits in back yards with the goal of killing them and then eating their remains.  Related to the article are “From Hutch to Table”, a slideshow (check out the first slide to see how much space these rabbits are given in their last moments), and “Q & A on Rabbits and Backyard Farming” and “The Outtakes from the Rabbit Cover”, two posts in NYT’s Diner’s Journal blog.

Comment 34 at the former blog entry links to “Back in Barbaric Business—The Caged Cats of China”, a two-year-old article from the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

I submitted this comment to both NYT blog entries:

Kim Severson is at it again.

In a video accompanying “Bringing Moos and Oinks into the Food Debate” in July 2007, your reporter mocked her subject, Farm Sanctuary.  She answered a request that animal products not be brought on the premises by joking about salami and revealing that she wouldn't comply with her hosts' entreaty for even a single day.  She concluded her report on vegan cuisine by ordering a slaughtered pig's remains, declaring them "beautiful, beautiful meat".

Now, in her very headline "Don't Tell the Kids" (March 2), she implies that caring about the plight of rabbits is kids' stuff.

If Ms. Severson disagrees with vegan arguments, she might give The New York Times a better face by articulating her reasons, rather than habitually mocking her human opponents and their non-human friends.

Kim Severson’s rather unsatisfactory response to such criticism in 2007 is in comment 141 at “Where the City's Runaways Roam Free”.  “jennifer” there seemed to share at least some of my view, on which I elaborated in comments 136–139.

Evolution of Animal-Cruelty Laws

See “Animal Abuse as Clue to Additional Cruelties”, an article in yesterday’s New York Times.

It mentions correlations between abuse directed at human beings and abuse directed at non-human animals.  I suspect that, in such studies, the main component of the latter abuse discussed is that of animals commonly kept as pets in the United States.  Are there similar correlations for other kinds of animal abuse, such as animal circuses, farming, fishing, hunting, mill breeding, ‘pest’ extermination, trapping, various ‘sports’, vivisection, and zoo-keeping?

Bile Bears

This “bile bear” pictured in Vietnam eventually was removed to a sanctuary in China.  Tens of thousands of others are much more unfortunate.

Bile bear confined in Vietnam, as pictured at Wikipedia

“The Spread of Superbugs”

Check out “The Spread of Superbugs”, Nicholas Kristof’s latest opinion column in The New York Times.
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