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Daily Vegan Facts

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Daily Facts for Those Who Care about Humans, Their Only Home Planet, and the Rest of Earth's Life
This all began with our making a database from which to make flashcards so that we could have firmly in our heads the specifics of our reasons for being vegan, so that we'd be more adept at responding to questions about veganism.

This community finally started on the evening of Friday, January 25, 2008.  There are daily entries, going back to Tuesday, January 1, 2008, each providing a fact related to veganism, in the form of a question and its answer, along with a reference to at least one source from which the information was taken.

For now, because the basic framework is one new entry per day, posting new entries is restricted to a few accounts, but commenting is open to all community members.  (There are many other great LiveJournal communities for posting longer texts about veganism.)  But we'd love to have you join Daily Vegan Facts and comment on the entries!